Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Turn Your Windows Desktop into an Android Tablet

Have you ever wondered if you can ever play your favorite Android Apps on your Windows 7 computer? Yes you can. Here is

BlueStacks is basically a sandbox where in it emulates Android operating system on a Window. You can run and play your Adroid Application on it while maintaining your windows experience. 

Here is a print screen of my newly installed BlueStacks Application on Windows 7. It does not look like your average Android Environment. To do this, I use GO Launcher HD to have that tablet feel and Android Look.

Here is how to download the GO Launcher HD from the search bar.

After you have installed the GO Launcher HD, you can now press the BlueStack home button on the lower center of the window and "Check" Use Default and select GO Launcher HD so that your BlueStack will have the Go Launcher Tablet Home.

Enjoy adding all your favorite "Adroid Applications" on your windows 7 machine. :)

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  1. just recently, i've been having issues downloading videoke songs via bluestacks. only works on gosing, but other song providers would not let me. tried on my actual phone and is working perfectly.

    Please help